One of the main missions of UITP is engaging with decision makers and key international organisations to promote sustainable mobility solutions.

In 2020 we partnered up and connected with numerous actors in the public transport sector to share knowledge and resources on latest trends in the sector as well as best practices and recommendations for dealing with the COVID-19 crisis.

EU Advocacy

UITP works closely with the European Union Institutions. A team of UITP experts monitors EU legislative developments impacting the public transport sector and presents UITP’s position on these developments through publications and activities. In 2020, we have been very active in showcasing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the public transport sector but also in advocating for increased EU funds and financing in the forthcoming EU long-term budget for the recovery. We built coalitions with other organisations and EU stakeholders and released a number of statements and open letters on the importance of public transport for the European recovery.


Working alongside other organisations allows UITP to promote sustainable, safe and accessible mobility: the collective aim of our sector. In 2020 we partnered with numerous organisations, a few of which are highlighted below.


We released a joint statement with UIC (International Union of Railways) and UNIFE (The European Rail Supply Industry Association) calling to give public transport a central place in the world of tomorrow.

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UITP + ICLEI publication

UITP collaborates with ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability) on a regular basis. In 2020, we released a joint report about safe and sustainable cities with public transport. We also formalised our partnership with ICLEI by signing a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the ambition to build a long-standing collaboration between cities and the public transport sector.

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Policy Brief highlights



Public transport is COVID-safe

This publication underlines that the COVID-19 crisis has shown how essential public transport is to guarantee access and continuity of basic services. Moreover,there is enough evidence today to demonstrate that, when measures recommended by the health authorities are implemented, the risk of catching on COVID-19 in public transport is very low.



Cities for people: Public transport for better lives

This Policy Brief describes public transport as a vital part of the solution to current climate, health and social safety issues with concise recommendations backed up by the international Paris Agreement which we should all be working towards.



Management of COVID-19: Guidelines for public transport operators

These guidelines have been prepared in February 2020 in the framework of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak.

Youth for public transport

Developing real opportunities through which young people's ideas can contribute to a better mobility for everyone.

Below you can learn more about three of Y4PT’s initiatives in 2020.