“2020 was a challenging year for the sector and undoubtedly one from which we can draw a number of lessons."
Pere Calvet, UITP President

Lesson 1


Recognition of public transport as an essential sector.

Lesson 2


The importance of international collaboration in sharing knowledge, of which UITP plays a key role.

Lesson 3


The ability of our organisations to adapt to the situation and the commitment of our personnel.

At UITP, we engage with decision makers and key international organisations to promote sustainable mobility solutions and give every one of our members a voice.

Throughout 2020 we engaged with key actors and released position papers on vital issues based on the expertise and knowledge of our members, providing decision-makers and the public transport sector with strategic guidance on trends, crisis management and advancing sustainable mobility. Going 100% digital, our online events were crucial to our members for maintaining the ongoing discussions, exchange of knowledge and business opportunities and we continued engaging with key actors to collectively voice the benefits of public transport.

UITP in 2020

The year 2020 was an unprecedented challenge for all, including the public transport sector.

Despite the difficult times, UITP showed resilience and flexibility by adapting to the ‘new normal’. Releasing expert publications about how to deal with the crisis, connecting our members to share knowledge and organising online events were just some of our activities this year, further highlighted in this Activity Report.

“2020 was indeed a challenging year for all, but actually a year with many opportunities for UITP and its members.”
Mohamed Mezghani, UITP Secretary General


Managing the crisis

In 2020, a large focus for every sector was dealing with, and staying resilient in the face of, an unexpected crisis - the COVID-19 pandemic.

UITP’s role during the pandemic has been to bring together our international members and stakeholders from the public transport sector to share knowledge on best practices, highlight the sector's importance in these difficult times, and to show that public transport is COVID-safe.

In 2020, UITP welcomed our new Deputy President, Brieuc de Meeûs

Mr de Meeûs joined UITP President Pere Calvet and UITP Secretary General Mohamed Mezghani to lead our association.

In a career spanning over three decades, Brieuc de Meeûs has held a variety of positions across various sectors – from Project Manager and Project Director, to General Manager and CEO. As CEO of STIB-MIVB, the public transport operator of Brussels, for almost eight years, Brieuc de Meeûs knows what needs to be done to keep our cities moving.

"Our future will be brighter than ever, and I am certain that our contribution to the transformation of the world in many areas, including social and environmental, will be decisive for the future of humanity."

UITP Governance Updates

As we are constantly adapting to the needs of our members and the sector, we have redefined some of our committees:

  • The IT & Services committee became the IT & Telecommunication committee. It deals with matters related to the impact of IT on public transport industries in the current times when there is an increasing focus on innovative new technologies in public transport.
  • The Academic committee became the Research in Mobility committee. It is now comprised of universities, academic institutions, operators and industry players to exchange knowledge on future developments in the public transport sector.
  • Moreover, a COVID taskforce was created in order to overlook all activities related to the crisis.

Our motivated and hardworking staff gave their all in 2020 despite the difficult circumstances and dramatic change in working environments.

Staff Engagement

At a time when the public transport sector needed us most, we made sure to deliver key publications, organise and lead events, webinars and trainings and engage with our members and other stakeholders.

The UITP staff also participated in a number of internal projects. The annual Staff Retreat took place online, where colleagues brainstormed and collectively drew conclusions on how we can further improve our ways of working. In November, the Movember challenge got everyone up from their desks and running for the two chosen charities: Y4PT and the Red Cross. We covered over 470km and raised €940!

In 2020, UITP introduced ‘Thank Goodness it’s Friday’ (TGIF) to all staff. Fridays are now free from internal meetings and emails, leaving us time to focus on our individual tasks. Thanks to this initiative, we continue to work efficiently throughout the whole year!

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