Despite it being difficult to personally connect in 2020, we have kept up with over 1,800 members and expanded our network by 191 additional ones. We made sure to provide opportunities for knowledge exchange between sector stakeholders during numerous online events.

Multiple webinars, the Asia-Pacific Conference and IT-TRANS were just some of the dates on the busy calendar for 2020. During those, our members engaged in benchmarking, building business partnerships, learning how to stay resilient facing a crisis, and exchanging expertise and ideas.


Asia-Pacific Conference

This online event included a wide range of speakers from the public transport sector, both in the Asia-Pacific region, and beyond. The themes tackled during the conference included: autonomous, intelligent and connected public transport for the future, the challenges and opportunities for public transport revealed by the pandemic, green mobility, and many more.


International Rail Forum for North America

The International Rail Forum for North America (IRFNA) is an annual seminar aimed to offer the North America region UITP’s worldwide resources for global connectivity and knowledge. In 2020, the virtual event featured a robust virtual Exhibit Hall, enabling instant connectivity between industry suppliers and transit operators.

Latin America Week 2020

This seminar and exhibition allowed participants to hear from an excellent array of speakers leading the public transport sector in the Latin American region. The seminar addressed four macro themes: impact of COVID-19, with short-term impact and action, long-term recovery plans, day-to-day operation, and governance for systems sustainability.


Taxi & Ride-Hailing Digital Conference

Held in conjunction with IT-TRANS 2020 under the theme “Smart Personal Rides”, the Taxi and Ride-Hailing Digital conference featured two days' worth of sessions focused on operational excellence, regulation and innovative tools, industry solutions and more.


IT-TRANS is the worldwide leading Conference on intelligent urban transport systems. Since 2008, decision-makers and industry experts have come together every two years to exchange, discuss and redevelop digital solutions.

In 2020 - due to the pandemic - the IT-TRANS Conference was held as an exclusively digital event.

Still on top of the digital game

As it was difficult to meet in person in 2020, we made sure to deliver content and organise events, trainings and webinars online, in order to reach an even larger audience! From campaign Digizines such as Back to Better Mobility to happenings such as the Digital World tour, we have been present and accessible digitally throughout the crisis.


Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, UITP has organised a large number of free webinars on the implications and consequences of the crisis for the public transport sector.

These webinars aim to assist public transport companies in tailoring their business continuity plans responding to the specific challenges of communicable diseases.

Launch of our new website

Amongst many things that happened in 2020, UITP launched our brand new website. Our aim is to make it clear and user-friendly for visitors to find resources and discover the public transport sector through:

  • The latest news and trends
  • Our training programmes and sector-leading (online) events

And much more!